small birds

  • Our favourite Swallows

    Our favourite Swallows

    A little study of our Red Cap swallows that come and nest under the verandah roof every summer.

  • An Assortment of Requests

    An Assortment of Requests

    Four recent commissions, – a real assortment !

  • Beautiful Bokmakierie

    Beautiful Bokmakierie

    Beautiful and lemon-bright Bokmakieries in our winter garden are a delight to see and sketch !

  • The Feathered Fruit-eaters in our Garden

    The Feathered Fruit-eaters in our Garden

    The Fruit-eating birds are delightful distraction on the bird table outside my studio window, and all around our garden.

  • Feeding The Birds

    Feeding The Birds

    The daily ritual of feeding our guinea fowl and all the other birds that arrive for the feast, inspired not only these sketches and paintings, but a reflection on how the birds can teach us to have faith in our Heavenly Father.