Beautiful Bokmakierie

The beautiful Bokmakierie belongs the Bush Shrike family and is such a colourful resident of our otherwise drab winter garden. Although they live and nest here, it is seldom that I am able to photograph them. How lucky I was, and of course a sketch was inevitable !

'Bokmakierie'. watercolour. 340 x 250 mm






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5 responses to “Beautiful Bokmakierie”

  1. John Avatar

    Very nice Mom! Didn’t realise they were so yellow.

  2. Sue Pownall Avatar

    These are beautiful. I am amazed at the intensity of colour you achieved with watercolour.

  3. Cathy Gatland Avatar

    These are gorgeous Barbara, as Sue says, such intense colour and you’ve got their character spot on!

  4. Cathy Avatar

    Stunning yellow and wonderful light!

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Thanks Cathy, they are exquisite birds. I loved your loose and spontaneous drawings from the visit to Second Cup in Joburg, as well as the other sketches on your blog & website! You are very talented!

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