The Feathered Fruit-eaters in our Garden

Acacia Pied Barbet, Redeyed Bulbul & Cape White-eyes. Watercolour.325 x 505mm.

Some time ago I posted a blog featuring the seed-eaters under the title; ‘Feeding the Birds’.  I really love the birds, so I continue to photograph them in and around our garden. Those that come to the bird table outside my studio window are a wonderful and colourful distraction. We feed them seeds and crushed maize, bread crusts, grated cheese, dry cooked maize porridge called, ‘Umphokoqo’, and fruit. The oranges have to be attached with wire to keep them from falling onto the ground below.

Crested Barbet. Watercolour & Gouache 470 x 285 mm.

As it is the fruit-salad season at the moment, with oranges and paw-paws in abundance, I have kept the fruit–eating birds happy with all the fruit-skins that they enjoy. The first birds that come for them include; the Crested and Pied Barbets, the Mousebirds, The Red-eyed Bulbuls and many more. The Crested Barbet is so bright and cheerful while all around winter hues still drape the garden in sombre tones of ochre and grey, and the seed-eating weavers have yet to clothe themselves in their bright breeding plumage of red and yellow. Therefore I decided to make a small study of some of these fruit-eaters. The bright and dainty Cape White-eyes are my favourites, so I chose two compositions with them.

Mousebirds with Oranges. Watercolour. 385 x 265 mm.
Cape White-eyes on the Grapevine. Watercolour & Gouache. 290 x 420 mm.



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4 responses to “The Feathered Fruit-eaters in our Garden”

  1. Kirsten Avatar

    Så nydelige og stemningsfulle bilder,-du er så flink Barbara-klem fra Kirsten

  2. Cathy Gatland Avatar

    Barbara, these birds are so beautifully observed and painted – I’m surprised that we get all the same ones that you do (except for the pied barbet I think). There is so much outstanding work to look through here, you are a prolific and gifted artist! Thank you for visiting and introducing yourself on my blog – its been such a pleasure to meet and sketch with John, I hope we can do the same one day.

  3. Barbara Avatar

    Thanks Cathy, It has been a delight for me to see your lovely work and I look forward to painting with you one day ! You are always welcome to visit if ever down our way ! We could even paint together :)

  4. Charles Avatar

    Those grey ones look so fluffy! :) – Nice paintings mom!

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