The Big Mondplaas Nguni Oil, – Revisited

Mondplaas Ngunis. 1502 x 953 mm.

An order came in recently for another version of the big Nguni oil that sold at Walmer Park in 2009. So I made a small change and embarked on it once again with some trepidation, as there was a deadline for the 28th November. That gave me a mere 2 weeks to complete it, and make sure it would be dry for packaging and sending off to the framers in Pretoria. 

Fortunately John had made me a couple of big canvases some time ago, and one was big enough for the requirements.

I did have some clear time fortunately, and was able to get it done by Friday 18 th November . Which means it has an ample 3 days to dry before packaging & sending off;  and in our hot and dry karoo weather, that is quite enough time.

 Here below are some of the early stages, if anyone is interested.

The process was accompanied by the superb sermons of  R.C.Sproul on the Gospel of John,
that I had downloaded for the occasion. It is a truly inspiring series !


Nguni cattle herd
Mondplaas Ngunis revisited. Oil on Canvas. 953 x 1520 mm.






12 responses to “The Big Mondplaas Nguni Oil, – Revisited”

  1. Kotie Haasbroek Avatar
    Kotie Haasbroek

    Hi daar Barbara, I must say you really have got the most wonderfull talent from God!!! good word

  2. Kotie Haasbroek Avatar
    Kotie Haasbroek

    Hi daar Barbara, I must say you really have got the most wonderfull talent from God!!! good work!

  3. Barbara Avatar

    Thank you Kotie !!

  4. John Avatar

    Worked out so well Mom. They’re glowing in the sun!

  5. Barbara Avatar

    Thanks John, the waiting is killing me, 3 days and the client still hasn’t responded. Patience is tough !

  6. Sue Pownall Avatar

    I can’t believe you painted this amazing picture in just 2 weeks. It’s fabulous!

  7. Barbara Avatar

    :) thanks Sue, now I just have to hope the client likes it !!

  8. FranT Avatar

    Barbara! I love seeing the process!! I showed my son and now he believes it is not a photograph!
    Hope you get my parcel soon. Best to you! Fran

  9. Melodie Avatar

    Thanks Barbara for showing the process of how you paint….the lighting on the cattle is awesome…reflective! I can feel the brightness of the sun….

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Thanks Melodie !!

  10. Lorraine Avatar

    Can you please advise which of your art is available for sale and prices

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Hi there Lorraine, thanks for visiting my website ! The paintings are available for sale when the thumbnail images in the galleries have the notice above them :” FOR SALE “. Those without that notice have been sold. I do take orders if one that you like has sold. Prices are given when you indicate which painting is of interest to you. My email is if you’d like to discuss the paintings.

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