• Ngunis among Acacia Karroo

    Ngunis among Acacia Karroo

    The striking white thorns on the Acacia Karroo are a striking contrast to the patterns on the Nguni Cattle. This series explores that relationship.

  • Karoo landscape with Ngunis.

    Karoo landscape with Ngunis.

    A recent visit to the nearby Nguni farm, ‘Gelykfontein’, was the inspiration behind this new karoo landscape with Nguni cattle .

  • Nguni Herd Returning Home

    Nguni Herd Returning Home

    This painting has been a long process since the scene first inspired me, one evening exactly 5 years ago, not far from Pofadder.

  • The Big Mondplaas Nguni Oil, – Revisited

    The Big Mondplaas Nguni Oil, – Revisited

    November dawned with a new challenge and a big order with a deadline; even if it was a repeat of the 2009 Nguni oil painting. Some small changes were made and Makatini and his family were completed in time.

  • Nguni Study Revisited

    Nguni Study Revisited

    A recent Nguni painting inquiry rekindled my enthusiasm in tackling a new big oil. These are some of the preliminary studies.

  • A Study of Nguni Cattle

    A Study of Nguni Cattle

    Nguni cattle have been painted skilfully by many artists, but I never considered that it might become my own challenge too. In 2007 I received a commission to paint them, and so began a long journey that culminated, just recently, in the completion of this BIG oil painting of Ngunis.