• Hogsback Holiday

    Hogsback Holiday

    In April we visited the delightful forested jewel that is Hogsback in the Eastern Cape. It was a real feast for the senses, and these two forest scenes were particularly inspiring.

  • A few plein-air sketches with John

    A few plein-air sketches with John

    John came to visit us on the farm, so we did a few plein-air studies, without the pressure of the Challenge at Christmas 2011.

  • ‘Tails Up’ & The Silvermere Warthogs

    ‘Tails Up’ & The Silvermere Warthogs

    This story is about living with Optimism, the optimistic demeanour of Warthogs, and my patient wait to capture them running with their tails up. I was finally rewarded when John Oliver captured the perfect photos, here on Silvermere, that inspired this set of Warthog paintings.

  • Hello all, and Welcome to my Blog!

    Hello all, and Welcome to my Blog!

    As an avid journal-keeper and illustrator, I have decided to share with you all, the peace and the passions that inspire me everyday. In this first post, a brief introduction is followed by a glimpse of how I sketch from the computer monitor, with my sketchpad propped up by the keyboard.