A few plein-air sketches with John


Farm Road.
Road over the ridge. Watercolour and pen & ink. 370 x 280 mm.

During John’s recent visit to the farm, we went out sketching on a few occasions.  However, I was understandably distracted by my new  grand-daughter, Chloë !

John spent more time on his plein-air studies, all of which  they turned out really well. For those who can access our Facebook page, they can be seen here: http://www.facebook.com/africanpainting?sk=wall

Shed and stable
Shed and stable sketch. Watercolour. 370 x 280 mm.

Through the gate sketch. Watercolour. 370 x 280 mm



6 responses to “A few plein-air sketches with John”

  1. David Avatar

    Barbara….these are wonderful!! I can’t say much more than that…I’m so impressed!!

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Thanks Dave! I was rather disappointed with them myself; as my son’s pictures done in oil, turned out so well! So I appreciate your message.

  2. Sue Pownall Avatar

    Great paintings Barbara!

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Thanks Sue !!

  3. Erna Wade Avatar

    They are lovely, Barbara!! My favourite is the one with the buildings!

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Thanks Erna !

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