Sheep Study Two

Here are a few more sheep sketches and paintings.

sheep sketch, "I know you're there"
"I know you're there" sheep sketch. watercolour & ink on cartridge. A4

I have an enormous online library of quirky and entertaining photos of sheep taken over the years; and now that photography is digital, it is so easy to capture moods and attitudes at every available opportunity, without the costs of printing them all.

Two Ewes & a Lamb
'Two Ewes & a Lamb'. 350 x 250 mm watercolour.

There was a time when I spent far too much on frequent trips to the nearest Foto-First (200 kms away)  in Bloemfontein.

Sheep. 'Ewe with twins, cold winter morning'.
'Ewe with twins, cold winter morning'. 325 x 240 mm. watercolour.

But now, with the aid of a trusty printer, I am able to only print what I want to paint, at the moment when inspiration strikes.

"Ewe with twins sketch"
"Ewe with twins sketch", watercolour and ink. 320 x 240 mm

It was difficult to choose just 4, for this set, but I really must move on to some other subject matter now. I can’t imagine there are many of you out there who are so entranced by sheep as I am, so I promise to put sheep aside for the moment!


11 responses to “Sheep Study Two”

  1. John Avatar

    These are so good Mom. Hard to say which I like the most. I absolutely love the top one because its so different. The ‘Two Ewes & a Lamb’ one you’ve got the light so perfect on the sheep. Especially the white on the faces. Actually the light on the third one is also fantastic. Even the last one is great with the shadow on the one lamb. Well done. Good variety!!! Don’t stop painting sheep.

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Thanks John, I am glad you think they’re OK! You also enjoy them because at least 3 were from your photographs :)

  2. Sue Pownall Avatar

    These are great. I especially like “I know you..” for the unique composition.

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Thanks Sue, sheep can be really quirky and entertaining sometimes !

  3. Jeanette Jobson Avatar

    Sheep images always bring back memories of when the children were small and we lived on a farm. We’d help feed orphan lambs each spring. I can still feel that ‘brillo pad’ hair on the lambs.

    Great sketches of the sheep and lambs.

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Thanks for the message Jeanette, glad these sheep pictures bring back memories!!

  4. Cathy Avatar

    I absolutely looove the first one! I love the angle, and the way you painted it from behind, it’s so unusual, unexpected, and we can imagine so many things. It’s a great sketch!

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Thanks Cathy, it was such a quirky pose I just had to sketch it !

  5. Joshua Lin Avatar
    Joshua Lin

    Hi. I love your sheep! Just wondering, did you use watercolour for all your sheep? Thanks!

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Hi Joshua, yes these paintings in the post, ‘Sheep Study Two’ are all watercolours. Thanks for the visit.

  6. Riana Avatar

    I agree with all of the comments above – the sketch of the sheep from behind is so cheeky! And, yes, Barbara, please don’t stop painting sheep!!


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