Eland Antelope Study.

I don’t often paint eland, so with a recent order I felt the need to do some drawings before the final painting. It was quite an enjoyable exercise.

Pencil drawing of an Eland's head
Pencil drawing of an Eland's head. 290 x 210 mm.
Eland sketch. colour.
Eland sketch. Pen & Pencil crayons. 290 x 210 mm.
Four Eland. Pen & wash sketch.
Four Eland. Pen & wash sketch. 360mm x 280 mm.
Kruger's Kop with 3 Eland
Kruger's Kop with 3 Eland. Watercolour. 520 x 350 mm.




7 responses to “Eland Antelope Study.”

  1. Sue Pownall Avatar

    These are lovely Barbara. You could frame the sketches as well as the painting as they are beautiful too.

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Thanks Sue, but nowadays, nothing gets a frame unless it is to go on exhibition :) , everything goes into display folders.

  2. John Avatar

    Wow, you did a lot!!! ….the mountain looks familiar.

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Yes, it’s Krugerskop near Bethulie !

  3. David Avatar

    Hmmm….very nice!! For some reason one doesn’t get to see many these beautiful creatures in my neck of the world!! (o:

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Yes, Eland are beautiful antelope, and really big too !!

  4. gretchen ruvo Avatar
    gretchen ruvo

    Hello Barbara,

    I am an interior designer. My name is Gretchen. I have a client who is from South Africa and we are interested in some eland art. Can you tell me how the process works and if you are interested in working with us?

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