Windmills of the Karoo

Silvermere Windmill
Windmill sketch

When windmills propel gently through the breezes in lazy rotations, or spin frenetically facing into the strong winds that sweep across the karoo plains, I am often mesmerized by them. They knit together the vast expanses of earth and sky, in perfect stately harmony. Like elegant sentinels, windmills tower over the vast expanses of veld that surround them. They have held a deep fascination for me ever since I first settled here many years ago, and have featured quite prominently in most of the karoo landscape paintings I’ve done over the years. Here are 3 small veld scenes and one rough sketch, to add to the catalogue of windmill studies done time and again.

Windmill with Teebus & Koffiebus.
Teebus & Koffiebus with windmill.
Windmill view over Dreunberg
Dreunberg Windmill
Karoo farm view with windmill
Farm road & windmill.


2 responses to “Windmills of the Karoo”

  1. ben weinberg Avatar
    ben weinberg

    Dear Barbara Philips,
    I found your work when I was looking for images to go along with a story I wrote a while back. I am an American writer and I lived in South Africa for 14 years. While I was there I began writing a screenplay set in the Anglo-Boer War. I rewrote the end of the screenplay as a shorter story. I wondered if you would allow me to purchase or use your water color, Farm Road and Windmill, with the story. I looked at many artists but you truly capture the stark and simple beauty of the Karoo. here is a link to the story: .

    thank you for considering my request,
    Ben Weinberg

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Hi there Ben,
      Yes you may use my picture with pleasure. I can send you a higher resolution if you would prefer that. However, please correct my name to Barbara Philip ( no ‘s’ ) You may have heard of the famous Scottish missionary from the early 1800’s, in South African history, Dr John Philip. Well my husband is a descendant of his. Also could you mention my website url too.
      Many thanks. Email me if you want a higher resolution image.
      Kind Regards, Barbara

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