Van Wyk’s Vlei Donkey Cart.

Donkey Cart and salt bush.
Donkey Cart in Van Wyk’s Vlei.

During our Trans Karoo trip in July 2015, we visited Van Wyk’s Vlei in the central karoo. This little scene with the donkey cart, salt bush and sleeping dog,  just needed to be painted ! I decided to paint it for an upcoming exhibition in Burgersdorp in October. So I am using it as the advertisement for the exhibition, on Facebook and elsewhere. Here it is as the Poster. The text has been added digitally, and does not actually appear on the painting, that will be on display at the October Show. Please come and visit if you are in the neighbourhood, in October.

Donkey cart, exhibition poster.
Exhibition poster for October 2016, in Burgersdorp.



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