The Road Ahead

During our July 2015 Trans-Karoo trip we were constantly enjoying the surprise of coming over the rise to discover new country we’d never seen, and the pleasure and delight of that experience was portrayed in my first painting,entitled : “The Road Ahead”

Gravel road
The Road Ahead, near Hopetown.

But soon after it went into the website Gallery, my brother bought it. I was sad to see it go, as it signified the enjoyment of that journey that we loved so much. So it wasn’t long before I dug out another photo, a similar scene further along on that same trip : ” The Road Ahead 2 ”

Karoo road
The Road Ahead (VanWyksvlei to Canarvon)

Fortunately I still have this one and it is framed & has pride of place in my lounge where I can see it every day, as a regular reminder of that memorable trip.





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