The Genet and the Starling

Last night, while we were watching TV, there was a loud crashing about on our front verandah. When we turned on the light we saw a Small Spotted Genet with his prey, an unfortunate Red-wing Starling. But before I could rush for my camera, he dashed off into the night. The other Starling flew off too and obviously decided this was not a good roosting spot.
Ironically, I have been trying unsuccessfully to discourage the pair of Starlings from roosting on the verandah. I don’t really like having them around, because they rob the nests of other birds, stealing their eggs; and it is very obvious that the other birds don’t like having them around either. Quite often the other birds mob the pair of starlings, trying to chase them away. But the starlings are very persistent and are not easily discouraged. So this incident with the little Genet last night, instantaneously achieved what the other birds and I have failed to achieve!

Red-Wing Starling
Red-Wing Starling

However I couldn’t help feeling sadness for the remaining lonely Starling, who could be heard plaintively calling its mate this morning.

 Small-Spotted Genet
Small-Spotted Genet

Some time ago, we found a Small Spotted Genet in broad daylight, outside my studio, in the bamboos. Genets are nocturnal, so it was a surprise to see it! He was most obliging and waited for me to fetch the camera, and I was able to get a splendid photograph. I have never quite got around to painting him, but this latest incident, inspired me to sketch him here. Whether it is the same Genet, we will never know, – possibly !





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  1. Charles Avatar

    I think the Genet is cuter than the bird, so I’m quite please that he got his supper! The other starling will just have to find another mate. Hopefully in a different location! Mom, you should edit this post and add the photo you took of the Genet as well! :)

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