Who still writes letters these days? Well not many do, and even though penpalling was my hobby for many years, even I have drifted into email correspondence instead. However, this range of stationery was designed many years ago when letters were written and I thought there may be a market for them. I never found that market and sitting here on the farm is a particularly difficult place to market anything, except online. So I am displaying the range on the off chance that someone may still write letters and be interested in ordering a pack. There are 10,  A4 (11.5 x 8.5 inch) sheets in the pack of Africa Overland Stationery. The pack sells for R120 in South Africa, and R160 for other countries ( postage included). Contact me if you are interested in ordering one. Here are the designs below:

Zebra Beads……Springbok Pot.
Crowned Crane Shield……Granite Chameleon.
Soapstone Woman…….Thatch Carrier.
Karoo Flower Butterfly…..Lucky Bean Mask
Ivory Elephant…….Heron Grass Basket.


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  1. Lizelle Kotzé Avatar
    Lizelle Kotzé

    I just came across this page by chance ad want to find out if any of these writing paper are still available? I actually still actively letter-write, ever since the age of 14 (I turned 30 earlier this year) and find it extremely difficult to find stationery sets and/or writing pads anywhere in South Africa…

    Do you only have these in A4 (not A5)? Also, you mention that these papers are sold per pack and that a pack includes 10 pages – is this correct? R12 per page seems like a bit much, especially taking into consideration that I would still need to buy envelopes, international small letter stamps, etc.

    You don’t have any stationery sets, which would include matching envelopes? Thanking you in advance.

    (Centurion, South Africa)

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