Spring has sprung on Silvermere.

Sweet Violets. Watercolour. 350 x 250 mm

Looking at these pictures you could be anywhere in the world when spring arrives. I am sure most of you recognize the beautiful heralds of the season; the daffodils, the violets and the willow! But this is the karoo, and though the rains have yet to arrive and set the veld alive with colour, we celebrate the newness of the season in our garden as it comes to life with joy. God is good and our lives are made new each day by His wondrous Grace!

Daffodils. 250 x 350 mm watercolour

Willow, Willow o’er the pond,

Water lilies and draping frond;

Darting fish and rushes grow,

Brushed by the whispering winds that blow.

But times do change, and the past it flees,

Our pond is gone, but not the trees;

The birds will come and nest again,

The winds will blow and then the rain.

The Willows stand and  grass will run,

Spring will go and  summer  come!

( My willow poem)

Draping Willow. Watercolour sketch. 210 x 290 mm.



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5 responses to “Spring has sprung on Silvermere.”

  1. Suegan Avatar

    What a beautiful poem!

  2. FindingMyUnicorn Avatar

    Wow! So beautiful Barbara! Love your blog too! xx

  3. John Oliver Avatar

    The poem is very good.
    Also love the background blues on the daffodil painting.

  4. liz kramer Avatar
    liz kramer

    Love your blog! I shall read adn look at it more oftern!

  5. Barbara Avatar

    Thanks for visiting, Liz !!

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