Sketching the African Hoopoes.

African Hoopoes
African Hoopoes. Pen & Ink and wash. 500 x 320 mm.

Killing time while I wait to start my next big Nguni, I decided to do something different,  Hoopoes. We have a pair of African Hoopoes in our garden; so there are several perfect photo opportunities. I do want to do a proper painting again, ( I did one many years ago) but decided to just do some rough sketching for now. This afternoon we are going to photograph an Nguni Stud, at Gelyksfontein, on the road to Colesburg.



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4 responses to “Sketching the African Hoopoes.”

  1. John Avatar

    Good study. You managed to capture lots of poses. Fun!

  2. Sue Pownall Avatar

    Lovely study Barbara.

  3. johanna Avatar

    Babra are the hoops sold my favourite bird.
    Your paintings are beautiful.

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Hi Johanna, thanks for the inquiry about the Hoopoes, but it is sold. The available paintings have “FOR SALE” above the thumbnail images. Thanks for popping in !!

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