Sheep study one. Resting against the workshop wall.

After browsing through all my files of sheep photographs, I was itching to paint sheep again. Even though there is a limited market for sheep in the art world, I am absolutely enchanted by them and all the painting possibilities. I would love to paint an entire series, but realistically it is probably not a good idea! However, since when were painters driven by good sense? So call me crazy, but here is the first.

'Sheep resting against the workshop wall'. Oil on canvas, 850 x 650 mm.

In the long hot days of summer when a woolen winter coat is not really appropriate, these sheep find the wall of the workshop nice and cool for their midday siesta.



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10 responses to “Sheep study one. Resting against the workshop wall.”

  1. Charles Avatar

    Love it Mom! Would love to see the original! I love the texture on the wall, and of course the one sheep with it’s head tilted to its left on top of another’s. :)

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Thanks Charles, it’s rather a familiar scene that I felt the need to cherish !

  2. Brian Avatar

    Beautiful. I love the details. I think it is time we visited again.

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Thanks Brian, a visit would be great !!

  3. Erna Wade Avatar

    What a lovely painting, Barbara! I love the textures of the wall, the broken window panes, the colours, the restful mood…. and I love sheep as a subject, for they always remind me that we have a Good Shepherd! Well done!!!

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Thanks Erna, yes trusting in our Good Shepherd does ensure such peaceful rest! These lambs haven’t a care in the world!

  4. Riana Avatar

    Lovely, natural painting! I love lookin at it

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Thanks for visiting my blog, Riana ! Glad you like the painting :)

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