Porcupines & Aloes

Porcupines & Aloes

This last week my husband, John, discovered that the Aloe Broomii which grow on one particular hillside on the farm, were suddenly being stripped, defoliated and killed. Over the years the colony of aloes have increased dramatically on this particular hill, and have been a stunning sea of golden spires in the flowering season. Now about 80% of the colony has been eaten by porcupines, which is so sad! While on the subject, I found some porcupine quills lately and enjoyed studying their variations with paint. How intricate and curious are the patterns and form to be found in both the Porcupine quills and the Aloes.



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  1. Charles Avatar

    Maybe the porcupines are getting hungry in the recent drought period? Poor porkipines and poor aloes tooo!

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