My 2018 sheep painting challenge. No. 1

Since acquiring a few canvases at a sale at the art shop in November, I have decided to do a few paintings of sheep, in oil. Here is the first one.

Sheep Oil Painting
Sheep in the Long Dry Grass






2 responses to “My 2018 sheep painting challenge. No. 1”

  1. Nancy Turner Avatar
    Nancy Turner

    I love this sheep painting “My 2018 Sheep Painting Challenge, no 1”.I have always been drawn to sheep.They are the most beautiful animal and seem so spiritual…. I wish I could paint like you ! Your paintings are kinda like the sheep they draw you to them.I wish I had a painting of Jesus and a sheep that was painted like you paint ! I love the grays and taupe you use …. Thank you for sharing the paintings ….God Bless You, Nancy a lover of all art

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Thank you Nancy for your compliments, I appreciate that ! Yes, I also love the association with Jesus as the Good Shepherd, and the lamb in Revelation and other books of the Bible! We have sheep all around us so it is easy to be so inspired by them. I have a vague plan to have a sheep painting exhibition one day. Not sure if I will collect enough, but that is why most of the pictures on the website are not for sale, yet :) Lots of love and God Bless you !! Barbara

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