Kalahari Leopard

Some renovations in the house and various other distractions have meant that I haven’t painted for a while. But, when I was researching the Doublebanded Sandgrouse for a future order, I came across this captivating leopard. So, here she is, so striking against the red sand of the Kalahari.

Kalahari Leopard
Kalahari Leopard. Gouache & watercolour on terracotta paper. 470 x 285 mm.




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5 responses to “Kalahari Leopard”

  1. John Avatar


    1. Barbara Avatar

      Thanks John !

  2. Sue Pownall Avatar

    John’s right, it’s beautiful.

    1. Barbara Avatar

      :) thanks Sue. I love your recent portraits too, really good !

  3. Elaine Oran Avatar
    Elaine Oran

    Hi Barbara, Perhaps you remember me … I purchased some wonderful warthogs from you less than a year ago. I just noticed your Leopard. Did you actually get to see this fellow? Best wishes, Elaine

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