Gallery pictures from the 2012 challenge

Windmill & Weeds.
Windmill & Weeds. Watercolour. 400 x 320 mm.

The Old Fowl Run
The Old Fowl Run. 400 x 320 mm. Watercolour.

Lamb Siesta
Lamb Siesta. Pencil and grey wash. 400 x 320

Bicycle under the Tree.
Bicycle under the Tree. Watercolour 400 x 320 mm

Excelsior Cattle
Excelsior Cattle. watercolour. 400 x 320mm

Warthog skull on a chair
Warthog skull on a chair. watercolour & pen & ink. 400 x 320 mm

View of Spitskop
View of Spitskop. Watercolour 400 x 320 mm

Old Cypress at the Gate.
Old Cypress at the Gate. watercolour 400 x 320 mm







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