EDM. Every Day in May challenge, 2018

Cape robin-chat, eating cheese.
Robin eating cheese, Cape robin-chat, Cossypha caffra
Dirt road with puddles on the farm
Silvermere farm road after rain
Blue Lavender, Plumbago & Rosemary.
Blue flowers in my garden. Lavender, Plumbago & Rosemary.
Mountain Reedbuck, Mpumalanga
Mountain Reedbuck, (Redunca Fulvorufula) on a misty & rainy day on Buffelskloof Nature Reserve, Mpumalanga.
Acacia by the roadside. A.Sieberiana. Road to Groblersdal.
Tree by the roadside. Acacia Sieberiana.
Portrait of our son, John.
Portrait of John on his Birthday
Balearica regulorum, Grey Crowned Crane,
Grey Crowned Crane, Balearica regulorum,
Fence and gate on the ridge
Gate on the Hill
The Reds of autumn in my garden.
Autumn fruits and leaves. Tomatoes, Chillis, Rose-hips & Leaves of the Virginia Creeper.
Karoo farm with single sheep
Lone sheep in Karoo Veld
Road through the pine Forest, Buffelskloof,
Buffelskloof Pine Forest. Mpumalanga
Portrait of Tony Fitt.
Remembering dear Uncle Tony Fitt
Tea-set, Blue, Mother's Day, Remembering my Mum.
Mum’s Blue Tea-set, Mother’s Day.
Farm sunset, with puddle reflections.
Silvermere Sunset and puddles after rain
Portrait of John & Chloë
Chloë and John’s Birthday Portrait. Grand daughter and Grandpa sharing a tender moment.
Pregnant Ewe
Expectant Ewe, lambing season, Silvermere.
Sagittarius serpentarius, 'The archer of snakes'
Secretary Bird, Sagittarius serpentarius
Eucalyptus tree and shadows on farm road.
Farm Road with Gumtree shadows
Cat portraits, of my Brother's cats.
Mana & Rufus, my brother’s cats.
Pentecost Journal Page
The Doves of Pentecost
Windmill and farm track. Karoo
Karoo, Road through Veld to the Windmill.
Old Farm Boots. Sketchbook
Sketchbook, Old Farm Boots
Floral wallpaper.
Commemorating Chelsea Flower Show 2018. Floral wallpaper. On homemade paper.
Orphan Lambs
Hansie Lambs, Orphans.
Houses on the street, Burgersdorp
The forgotten houses on Buitekant St. Burgersdorp
White-breasted Cormorant. Phalacrocorax lucidus
White-breasted Cormorant, drying his wings, Loch Logan, Bloemfontein.
Farm dam at sunset
Sunset over Farm Dam. Silvermere
Farm windmill repairs.
Windmill Repairs, on Silvermere
Guinea Fowl at feed time
Feeding Guinea Fowl
Pretty mama cow and calf
Clown-faced cow and calf
Windmill in Kalahari veld
Kalahari Karoo, between Prieska & Vanwyksvlei


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