All the Way My Saviour Leads Me

Sunday 18 January.

All the Way My Saviour Leads MeI love this Hymn that my Uncle (Tony) recommended for the recent Book that I wrote; ‘A Family History Timeline, 1950-2008′ and have used it in the calligraphy page here as one of another book I am making for my God-daughter, Amy. It is precious for all the heartfelt sentiments that Fanny Crosby felt when she wrote it despite her blindness, she never blamed Christ, but praised Him instead. So as this year dawns, with all the uncertainties, the hopes and fears, it is good to remember; “For I know whatever happens, Jesus does all things well“!

As I spent some time reading John Piper’s Blog on Desiring God, I had time to reflect on how much ‘Our Saviour leads us all the way. John Piper’s interview in his post on the Economic Downturn expresses the way God leads us back to all the important things in life and this crisis is just one way that He may be doing that for people around the world.

And finally, as we forgo the New Year Resolutions which can be difficult to maintain, here are some lists that replace them. I LOVE lists !! Keep these near to your prayer bench. I plan to :

John Piper’s : 9 Ways to Pray for Your Soul , Texts to Pray for Our Children , 10 Reasons to Pray the Scriptures

May God bless your 2009, and challenge you to seek Him first.






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  1. Charles Avatar

    Love the post, and it’s great to have all the links to John Piper’s blog. I’m sure Amy loves all the pages you do for her, she must wait in anticipation for her birthday each year! :)

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