A quiet country road after the rain.

On the return from our brief trip to Johannesburg to see John and Sue and Neil, we photographed lots of sunflowers in the fields alongside the N1.  There is a possible upcoming order that includes a sunflower field. We drove off down a few linking farm roads and this perfect little scene was one that we passed. I found it particularly captivating and inspiring to paint.

A quiet country road. Watercolour. 500 x 350 mm








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4 responses to “A quiet country road after the rain.”

  1. admin Avatar

    That’s really beautiful Mom.

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Thanks John !

  2. Erna Wade Avatar

    It truely is a captivating scene and I think your skill has done it justice!

  3. Charles Avatar

    I want to drive fast through those puddles! :) – don’t want to disturb the peace though you know!

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