A little Plein-Air sketching with John, August 2019. Silvermere.

Trees & roots
Spring water flows down through the dense thicket of Acacia Karoo thorn trees. Silvermere. Plein-air sketching out with John.
Karoo landscape
Lovely view, plein-air sketching with John and Carole. Looking towards Spitskop and the Freestate hills in the distance.
Old farmyard chicken coop
Plein-air sketching with John, Silvermere. The old fowl run next-door.
Farm road with puddles.
Plein-air sketching with John in the road at the fountain, Spring water flowing across the road despite the lack of rain on Silvermere.
Sheep running
Silvermere. The bringing-in and feeding of two big flocks of ewes and lambs in the evening, is a regular evening ritual, to keep the lambs safe from predators like Jackals and Lynx.






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