A collection of sketches to start 2020.

This little collection is just a few sketches to start off 2020. I needed to take a break from the Italy challenge till after chemo. Hopefully they will resume later in the year.

New Year's Eve 2019 sketch
Garden sketching. New Year’s Eve, 2019
shell study
Seaweed and shells.
Warthogs under Besembos
Warthog family under the Besembos.
Big Cats, portrait
Leopard for my Grandson’s Birthday.
Bird on the fence.
African Pipit on the Fence.
Greater Padloper Tortoise.
Journal page. 17 Jan 2020
Red sore-eye plant.
Ammocharis coranica. ( Sore-eye)
Korhaan calling on anthill.
Northern Black Korhaan, ( Afrotis Afraoides )
Crow's nest.
Windmill Crow’s nest’.
Three sheep in the veld.






2 responses to “A collection of sketches to start 2020.”

  1. Melanie Baybut Avatar
    Melanie Baybut

    I just discovered you today on the internet. I think you are a brilliant true artist and I admire all your work and the way you live out your art. Well done for using your God given talents. Keep up the good work. Just felt I had to tell you that.

    1. Barbara Avatar

      Thank you for your kind words, Melanie, much appreciated ! Regards Barbara

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