• The completion of Amy’s Book

    The completion of Amy’s Book

    A twenty year project of writing a page of poetry each Birthday for my God-daughter, Amy, has been completed.All the pages are now bound in a book for her 21st.

  • Plein-Air Painting versus Studio-Studies

    Plein-Air Painting versus Studio-Studies

    Painting plein-air is extremely enjoyable especially when accompanied by others. Silvermere has many lovely views for such excursions.

  • A Study of Nguni Cattle

    A Study of Nguni Cattle

    Nguni cattle have been painted skilfully by many artists, but I never considered that it might become my own challenge too. In 2007 I received a commission to paint them, and so began a long journey that culminated, just recently, in the completion of this BIG oil painting of Ngunis.